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by James Ballard
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This is my portfolio page started as a place for me to create a blog and reflect on the #LAK12 MOOC hosted by hosted by the Society for Learning Analytics Research . It collates together the things I am doing and the people I am following. I am also reflecting on the PLE experience of a MOOC at the same time.

Learning Analytics #LAK12

My Reflections

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an eternal journey through disorder

Constructing the world: some notes and thoughts for an active learning paradigm

Every man’s world picture is and always remains a construct of his mind and cannot be proved to have any other existence. Edwin Schrodinger Constructivism Constructivism essentially argues that epistemic agents know nothing about the world except what they have put together as cognitive structures. Rather than knowledge being a representation of what exists, constructivists posit […]

What self-regulation can tell us about analytics

Learners who see technologies as being beneficial to learning are likely to use them less, while those with poor strategies for learning will use them more. This may appear counter intuitive and challenges common perceptions used to determine the success of learning technologies, but essentially insists on quality rather than quantity of interaction which makes […]

Neuroscience and Educational Technology–reflecting on seminar by @thinksitthrough

I was fortunate to be able to attend Professor Diana Laurillard’s seminar on Learning ‘number sense’ through digital games with intrinsic feedback. The main presentation was the use of a specially designed game as an intervention method to support students with ‘dyscalculia’, however this was positioned in the broader context of bringing together the fields of […]

Docs, zaps, and rows–starting the #PhD

Been a few years in the making but I’ve started as a part-time PhD student at University of Melbourne researching engagement profiles and learner analytics. Before I get into a study period I like to get set up with a group of tools and a workflow that let me know I’m in study mode, and hopefully […]

When are they learning? A #Moodle activity calendar heatmap

As a precursor to looking at withdrawal and drop-out points I wanted to visualise learner activity across an academic year. This could help determine the patterns of behaviour for different individuals. The idea being that you can quickly see at a glance which days each learner is using the system. Extending last week’s exploration with activity […]

Where is your learning activity? A #Moodle component heatmap.

Understanding which courses use which tools is a useful starting point for exploration and may be informative to staff development programs or used in conjunction with course observations. The Moodle Guide for Teachers, for example, could be used to help form an understanding of the tools in question. I’m interested in the exploration side, having started a new project […]

Assignment engagement timeline–starting with basics @salvetore #mootau15 #moodle #learninganalytics

Having joined the assessment analytics working group for Moodle Moot AU this year, I thought I’d have a play around with the feedback event data and it’s relation to future assignments. The simplified assumption to explore is that learners who view their feedback are enabled to perform better in subsequent assignments, which may be a reduction […]

Can activity analytics support understanding engagement a measurable process? Inspiration from @birdahonk

I was pleased to find out my revised paper on this topic was accepted for publication in the September issue of the Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education. The basic premise of the paper is that engagement can be measured as a metric through the appropriation of ideas commonly used in social marketing metrics. For this […]

Inside forum posts–politics, networks, sentiment and words! Inspired by @phillipdawson, @shaned07, and @indicoData #moodle #learninganalytics

Enhanced communication has long been championed as a benefit of online learning environments, and many educational technology strategies will include statements around increased communication and collaboration between peers. So in thinking towards an engagement metric for my current project and the need to get inside activities for my, in progress, PhD proposal exploring forum use is […]

Learning logs: how long are your users online? Analytics Part 2 #moodle #learninganalytics

How long do users spend on Moodle (or more generally e-Learning) is another common question worth some initial exploration as part of my broader goal towards the notion of an engagement metric. This article discusses an approach into defining and obtaining insights from the idea of a session length for learning. This is mostly a data wrangling exercise to approximate the […]
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